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If you are having any problems related to your erection, then take Cialis. This drug is one of the most effective impotence drugs available in the market. An advantage of this drug is that every one can take it. Moreover it comes with fewer side effects.

Drug usage

Erection is closely related to blood flow to the penis. If the muscles are dilated, then there would be a good flow of blood in the penis region. Cialis is a drug that helps in widening of the muscles.

How taken

You can take Cialis pills in empty stomach or with food. The drug has to be taken about 30 minutes ahead of engaging in sex. You should also take care that you take only one cialis pill a day. Always stick on to prescription of your doctor when taking cialis drugs.

Missed dose/overdose

How can a dose of cialis be missed when there is a need for good erection? However, there are chances of an overdose. Some of the overdose symptoms include chest pain, nausea, uneven heartbeat, light-headedness and fainting. It is always better to maintain the correct dosage in order to avoid health complications.

More Information

There is a tendency among people to use Cialis without contacting the doctor. But this is not a good tendency. Always consult the doctor if you are having problems related to impotence. When consulting the doctor, you should have to discuss everything related to your health conditions. Your doctor should also have an idea about all your allergies.

The doctor will not prescribe cialis or he may recommend dosage adjustments if you have any of the following problems; kidney, heart, liver, blood, Peyronie's disease and retinitis pigmentosa.


The doctors will not prescribe cialis if you are taking any medicine that contains Nitrates. This is because you can sometimes experience an increase in the blood pressure if the cialis is mixed with medicines containing nitrate. This is a dangerous situation and can even be fatal sometimes.

Another problem related to Cialis is vision problems. If you come across any vision problem, never delay in contacting the doctor. However, sudden vision problem has only been notified in people who already have vision problems and who are diabetic and having high pressure. It has to be noted that the sudden vision loss has not yet been traced to cialis drugs.

When using cialis pills for your erection problem, never use alcohol, grape fruit and grape juice.

Side effects

Cialis drugs also come with many side effects and allergic reactions as like other impotence drugs. Some of the allergic reactions that come with Cialis include hives, breathing problems and swelling of lips, tongue, throat and mouth.

Some of the serious side effects that you can experience with cialis drugs include sweating, seizures, sudden vision loss, hearing loss, irregular heart beat, chest pain, ringing in ears, nausea and pain spreading to arms or shoulders. If you experience any of these symptoms, never delay in seeing the doctor.

If you experience prolonged erection after taking cialis, then you should have to contact the doctor immediately as prolonged erections can damage the penis.